What causes Communication error 1001 or 1002

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The security settings in SAP can prevent RFC connection from certain hosts. To test this, generate an RFC trace as follows:

  • Download our RFC Test Utility from here
  • Extract the files into a directory (important, do not run from the zip file)
  • Run RfcTest by double-clicking on it
  • Enter your connection details
  • Do not select a log file directory
  • Click connect
  • Wait about 30 seconds
  • Click disconnect. If the connection failed, you will get the message “Server is not running”
  • If the connection fails, an rfc trace file (.trc) will be generated in the folder where the files were extracted
  • Open the trace file in notepad and check for any errors reported

A typical error occurs when remote RFC connection is not authorised from the PC where ERP-Scale has been installed. Check the related articles.

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