Are security restrictions preventing ERP-Scale communicating with my SAP system?

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The communication issue might be a security restriction on your SAP system. The RFC connection error message in the ERP-Scale monitor will show

Security restrictions in SAP: Your SAP gateway may be configured to prevent connections from external hosts. This web-page or this web-page provide further explanation, but please check with you basis/security team.

We have developed a small test utility. This will generate a RFC trace file.

You can download our Rfc Test Utility from here.

  1. Unpack the ZIP file in a directory.
  2. Start program RfcTest.
  3. Enter the RFC connection details and click connect.
  4. After about 2 minutes, you should see a trace file dev_rfc.trc or similar created in the same directory. Open this file to see if any connection errors have occurred.

Please send us a copy of the trace file so that we can assist further.

If you do not have the SAP GUI installed, see here and copy the librfc32.dll into the directory where the RfcTest.exe has been extracted into.

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