Using sapnwrfc.ini with ERP-Scale V4.0.2

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The following applies to ERP-Scale V4.0.2 build 23275 and later.

The sapnwrfc.ini file can be used to customize the RFC connection. for example:

  • Activating detailed traces
  • Load balancing using a message server
  • WebSocket RFC connections

ERP-Scale will search for the sapnwrfc.ini file from the following locations (in order). The first sapnwrfc.ini file located will be loaded:

  1. The folder specified for the ERP-Scale log:

  2. The installation folder of ERP-Scale (typically C:\Program Files\Pocket Programs\ERP-Scale).

To use a DESTINATION from the sapnwrfc.ini file in ERP-Scale:

  1. Enter the name of the destination (e.g. DEST=PRDBALSERVER) in the Gateway Host column.
  2. Select the relevant host type (ERP, EWM, ERP & EWM).
  3. Leave the Gateway service blank.
  4. Either specify the Program ID in the sapnwrfc.ini (PROGRAM_ID=) or enter it in ERP-Scale.
  5. Do not select the Dispatch-Loop connection method.
  6. Either specify the number of registrations in sapnwrfc.ini (REG_COUNT=) or enter it in ERP-Scale.

A sample sapnwrfc.ini file can be downloaded below. This sample file contains further instructions for its use.

When using WebSocket  RFC, advanced authentication checks (e.g.  SSL certificate details/user & password) are not supported. These options are available in ERP-Scale V5.
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