How do I fix the error: “LIBRFC32.DLL not found”

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If you are installing ERP-Scale on a PC which does not have the SAP GUI installed, you will need to add the SAP library LIBRFC32.DLL to your c:\windows\system32 directory. You can locate the file LIBRFC32.DLL on another PC which has the SAP GUI installed. Alternatively, install the SAP GUI.

Considerations for 64-bit computers:

To run packages in 32-bit mode on any 64-bit Windows operating system, copy the SAP GUI file, librfc32.dll, into the SysWow64 folder of the Windows folder. (Typically, this folder location is C:\Windows\SysWow64.)

See also add sapgwxx entries to the services file.

See also Using librfc32 in a 64 bit environment.

You can download librfc32.dll from:

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