How do we upgrade from scale_for_r3 to ERP-Scale?

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How to upgrade from scale_to_r3 to ERP-Scale PSE.

Recently, we have received many reports from companies using scale_to_r3 that this solution is unreliable and requires a high level of support. In contrast, our customers have reported that using ERP-Scale offers a “very reliable solution” that is set-and-forget.

This short guide will give some tips on how to upgrade to ERP-Scale PSE using the combination scale_for_r3 with WinWedge®.

Step 1. Download and install ERP-Scale

A. Download ERP-Scale PSE from here.
B. Install ERP-Scale on the PC at the packing station selecting all program features.

Step 2. Start the ERP-Scale configuration utility and import the packing station profile

A. Start the ERP-Scale configuration utility. Programs>ERP-Scale>ERP-Scale>ERP-Scale Configuration.
B. Import the packing station profile from SAP. See here.
C. Import the packing station profile for any other SAP systems (e.g. Development/QA/Production).

Step 3. Define the scale communication and parsing settings

A. Open WinWedge and note the serial settings. See here.
B. Enter the serial settings in ERP-Scale. Select the device and open the communication settings. See here.
C. Select communication method Serial.
D. Transfer the communication settings from WinWedge:

E. Transfer the receiving settings from WinWedge:

F. Check the scale manual (or in WinWedge) if a request string is required and enter it. See here.
G. Save the communication settings.
H. Define the parsing settings for the device. See here.

Step 4. Get a trial licence for ERP-Scale

A. Get a free trial licence for ERP-Scale from here and activate it for the scale in ERP-Scale. See here.

Step 5. Disable scale_for_r3 and WinWedge

A. Determine if WinWedge or scale_for_r3.exe is currently running (Windows task manager) and stop them.
B. Stop WinWedge and scale_for_r3 from starting on system start. (e.g. Programs>Startup)

Licences for ERP-Scale PSE cost US$149 per device per year (with bulk discounts available) including maintenance. We think this is a lot of peace of mind for less than 50 cents per day!

Licences for ERP-Scale PSE can be purchased here.

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