Setting up a Perle IOLAN Serial Ethernet device server for use with ERP-Scale

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Before the IOLAN DS can be used with ERP-Scale, it must be configured.

To configure the IOLAN, use the Perle DeviceManager. Download a copy from here.

Once you have downloaded and installed the Device Manager, use it to find and connect to your IOLAN server.

Step 1: Configure a static IP address

To simplify access to the device server, assign it a static IP address. You can either assign a static IP address using your DHCP server, or directly on the device as follows:

Step 2: Check operating mode

Click Serial Port to view the current serial port settings:

The operating profile should be TCP Sockets. If not, click change profile.

Step 3: Selecting the Serial Port Profile

In the profile selection, select “TCP Sockets”:

Step 4: TCP settings

Once the profile has been selected, you are returned to the settings page. Leave the TCP port on the default value:

Also leave the TCP advanced settings on the defaults:

Step 5: Serial communication settings

On the Serial tab, change the serial port settings to match the settings for your device. Consult the user manual of the weighing device for the correct settings:

Step 6: TCP Packet settings

The Packet Forwarding tab controls when data is sent to the client. In this example, the weighing device sends a CR (ASCII x0D) as the message terminator. Consult the user manual of the weighing device to determine the message terminator. Enter the hexadecimal ASCII value of the terminator here:

Step 7: Save the changes

Once the settings are complete, save them back to the device server.

Step 8: Create a device in ERP-Scale

Once you have configured the IOLAN device server, configure a device in ERP-Scale to communicate with it. Follow this guide.

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