How do I create an RFC destination for ERP-Scale?

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Create an RFC destination in SAP using transaction SM59:

For details of how to configure ERP-Scale to communicate with the RFC destination see here.






RFC Destination name




Enter the name for the RFC destination.









Connection Type



The connection type must be T TCP/IP.










RFC destination description




Enter a description of the RFC destination.










Activation Type




The activation type must be Registered Server Program.









Registered Server Program



Enter the registered server program ID here. Each installation of ERP-Scale must have a unique program ID.










Gateway Host




Check with your Basis team for the correct setting.










Gateway service




Check with your Basis team for the correct setting.






    • The Program ID must be unique
    • A separate RFC destination must be created for every PC where ERP-Scale is installed
 This diagram explains the relationship between the settings in SM59, HUPAST_C and ERP-Scale.
The ERP-Scale import function  can be used to verify the RFC destination.
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