What is licence activation and why did it fail?

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Licence activation is the automatic process which occurs every three months. It allows us to monitor that the licences are being used ‘legally’, but also gives you the freedom to quickly reassign a licence due to hardware failure. It is different from the expiry period.

Automatic reactivation typically fails because an installation of ERP-Scale within your organisation is unable to reach our activation servers via the internet. E.g. if you use an internet proxy, the password may have expired. It might simply be that the PC where ERP-Scale is installed is switched off.

If the activation fails, then no weight will be returned to SAP from ERP-Scale.

To resolve the issue, open the ERP-Scale configuration utility for the PC where the activation has failed (remember you can do this remotely using the ERP-Scale configuration utility). Go to the licencing screen and click the “Get activation key” button. Check for any errors.

Visit our customer portal to check the status of your licences.

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