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Activation via web browser

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If the PC on which ERP-Scale is installed does not have an Internet connection, automatic activation of the licence will fail. In this case the ERP-Scale licence can be activated using a web browser.

In the ERP-Scale configuration utility open the licencing page:

At the bottom of the screen are two links for activating via a web browser. Click on the link for the server which is closest to your location.

Your web browser will open:

Enter the value for the captcha and click “Activate licence”

If activation is succesful, the following response will be received:

Click onto copy the activation key. If the key has been copied, the button will turn green:. If the browser blocks accessing the clipboard, use CTRL-C to copy the activation key manually.

In ERP-Scale, paste the activation key using the button or CTRL-V.

Then click Save


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