What are the settings for the KERN DE Series Industrial Balances

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These settings are valid for the KERN DE Series Industrial Balances based on the user manual located below.

Before configuring ERP-Scale, you will need to switch the scale to rE CR (Data output via remote control commands) mode, see section 7.5.1 of the user manual.

Check the Baud rate that the scale is set to, see section 7.5.2 of the user manual

Check which of the PCs COM ports the scale is connected to

ERP-Scale communication settings

The remote control command ‘s’ ensures that the scale only transmits the weight once it is stable. In environments with a lot of vibration, change the command to ‘w’.

Use the “Test” function from the ERP-Scale communications window to check the settings before continuing.

Parsing settings

The position of the minus sign at the beginning of the weight will force ERP-Scale to return zero if the weight is negative. If you wish ERP-Scale to return a negative weight, move the sign character “{1:2}” to the end of the parse string and use “none” as the conversion type.

KERN DE Operating Instructions

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