What are the parsing settings for the TCP Auto Responder?

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Once the communication is working, you will need to enter the parsing settings. Click to view the parsing settings screen:

If the screen displays “No Input”, check your communication settings.

If the source string contains a separator (in our example comma), enter it here:

and click .

The source string will be updated:

To specify the settings for a field, first click in the field (e.g. the Weight-Value field):

Then click on on of the source data buttons as follows:

ButtonMouse ClickEffectResult

Left ClickInsert complete substring1234567.780

Left ClickInsert character4

Right ClickInsert character and all subsequent characters of the substring4567.780

To specify each of the output fields, click in the field and then click the source data buttons.

The output fields are specified as follows:

Output FieldButtonMouse ClickEffectResult

Left ClickInsert complete substring1234567.780

Right ClickInsert character and all following chartactersKG

Left ClickInsert characterS

On completion, the form will appear as follows:

If the data fields do not exist, you can create them by typing the name (we suggest in capitals) in the data field column.
Assign a numeric conversion method to the weight data field.
Click on the HUPAST and SCWM tabs to complete the mapping.
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