Why can I not connect to ‘localhost’ when using vista or IPv6 ?

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By default under windows Vista, localhost is defined as IPv6 address ::1 and IPv6 takes priority over IPv4. 

To resolve the issue, change any references to localhost to either IP address ‘’ or the hostname of the local machine. You may need to make this change in the ERP-Scale configuration utility and the ERP-Scale monitor utility.

Alternatively (if running release 3.0.3 or later), delete the entry for localhost from the list of Sap-Scale servers and restart the utility. ERP-Scale will then create a corrected entry automatically.

You may prefer to modify your hosts file as follows:

Hosts file is C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc
At the bottom of the file are two entries:       localhost
::1             localhost
If you remove the second entry, localhost will be resolved to address (you can also comment the entry out with a #).


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