How to upgrade the activation relay for ERP-Scale PQS V4.0.1

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Users of ERP-Scale PQS V4.0.1 can update their installations of ERP-Scale with a new version of the activation relay which uses the new activation URL.

If you have already updated your installation of ERP-Scale PQS to V4.0.1 build 19309 or later, you are already running the latest version of the activation relay.

To update the activation relay for your installation of ERP-Scale PQS without updating the complete installation of ERP-Scale PQS, follow these steps:

  1. Create a backup of your ERP-Scale settings.
  2. Download and install the ERP-Scale PQS activation relay

After installation, open the Pocket Programs activation relay setup utility and ensure that the version is now V4.0.1 build 19309 or later:

Note: You can also install the updated activation relay on separate PC and access if from ERP-Scale PQS.

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