How do we resolve maximum number of RFC conversations exceeded?

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When ERP-Scale attempts to connect to the SAP Gateway, the connection fails with error

ERROR max no of 200 conversations exceeded

The solution is discussed in the following SAP Note: SAP Note 314530

The environment variable needs to be set on the host where ERP-Scale is installed.
Exception for CPIC/RFC server programs:
If an RFCserver program registers with 100 threads on the R/3 gateway, for example, 100 connections are kept in the server program. Each RFC that runs on such a connection results in an additional entry in the connection list of the RFC server program. This means that a maximum of 200 connections is possible under full load. Adjust the value of the environment variable accordingly.
After setting the environment variable, restart the ERP-Scale Windows service Pocket Programs SapScaleService.
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