Mettler Toledo PS scales using serial connection

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This FAQ describes how to configure ERP-Scale for use with a Mettler Toledo PS scale using serial communication.

The settings are based on the default communication settings of the PS scale. See the attached document for information how to reset the scale to factory settings.

The PS range of scales from Mettler Toledo (PS90, PS60, PS30, PS6L, PS3L) supports a USB connection. This connection is ideal for use with ERP-Scale as ERP-Scale supports the USB HID POS protocol and only a single cable is required for communication and to power the scale.

ERP-Scale communication settings

Select the port to which the scale is connected.

This is using the “high resolution weight”, the request character ‘W’ can be used to select normal resolution weight. The high resolution weight is more suitable for the PSxxL scales as the normal resolution weight returns pounds & ounces which are incompatible with SAP.

ERP-Scale parsing settings


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