How to access weighing equipment using SAP ODA

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SAP ODA is designed to provide an interface to equipment used in the manufacturing process. Its main use is in manufacturing cockpits and PI-sheets.

From release V4.0.1, ERP-Scale provides an interface to SAP ODA without the need to install the SAP OPC-OPA connector on your PC.

ERP-Scale also supports data subscriptions in SAP ODA, allowing a function in SAP to be triggered automatically from ERP-Scale when data is received from the device. See SAP note 670496.

This document from SAP gives an overview of the SAP ODA functionality and how it can be used from PI-sheets.

SAP ODA (OPC Data Access) Release 1.0

Note: You do not need to install the SAP ODA Connector when using ERP-Scale.

ERP-Scale V4.0.2 supports conversion routines for Modbus values. More details here

To use ERP-Scale to access your weigh scales and weighbridges from SAP ODA and PI-sheets, follow these steps:

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