4.1.2.Add/Edit a SAP-Scale Service

Add/Edit a SAP-Scale Service

Add/Edit a SAP-Scale Service

Use this function to add a new Sap-Scale Service to your favourites list, or edit an existing one. Any Sap-Scale Service added here will also be available in the ERP-Scale configuration utility.


SAP-Scale Service name

1. SAP-Scale Service name
Enter a display name for this SAP-Scale Service.


Hostname or IP address 

2. Hostname or IP address
Enter the hostname or IP address of this SAP-Scale Service.


SAP-Scale Service details

3. SAP-Scale Service details
Displays the IP address or hostname of this SAP-Scale Service.



4. Port
Enter the port that the SAP-Scale Service listens on. The default port is 5135.


Create favourite

5.  Create favourite
Save the new Service.
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