Data Pre-Processing

Device Data Pre-Processing

Device Data Pre-Processing


Space removal

1. Space removal
ERP-Scale can remove spaces from the data string. The options are:
  • Remove no spaces
  • Remove all spaces
  • Remove leading spaces
  • Remove trailing spaces
  • Remove leading and trailing spaces


Pad data string

2. Pad data string
If the incoming data has variable length, it may be necessary to pad it to a fixed length.
Example: If the following strings are returned >1.23 KG< and >23.45 KG<, then padding to 7 characters will allow the first 5 to be mapped to the weight under all conditions.


Remove control characters

3. Remove control characters
Remove all control characters (ASCII 0-31 & 128-) from the data string.
Note: Control characters are removed after splitting.


Swap comma and dot

4. Swap comma and dot
Different countries use comma or dot to represent a decimal. This setting is used to swap the decimal point representation in the data string.


Ignore ASCII null

5. Ignore ASCII null
Ignore ASCII null characters in the data string.


Split input

6. Split input
If the data string contains substructures with a separator,  the separator should be entered here. ASCII characters can be entered as {CR}, {13} or {0x0C}.
Consider this example:


Display hex

7. Display hex
Click this to display the data on the mapping buttons in hex format.
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