3.5.3.ERP-Scale - Activation Window

ERP-Scale – Activation Window

ERP-Scale - Activation Window



Hardware key

1. Hardware key
This value is calculated by ERP-Scale and is used to uniquely identify where the SAP-Scale Service is installed.


Licence number

2. Licence number
Enter the licence number here. If no licence number is entered, the data will be scrambled before being sent to the application (e.g. SAP). Trial licences for use during the development/testing phase of your project can be obtained here.


Activation password

3. Activation password
Enter the activation password here. The activation password is displayed in the order confirmation email and your licence certificate.


Activation key

4. Activation key
This key activates the licence. If no valid activation key has been entered, no data will be returned to the application (e.g. SAP). Normally, the activation key is obtained automatically from our activation server via the internet. However, you can also paste an activation key in this field.


Email address

5. Email address
If the SAP-Scale Service establishes a connection to our activation server (via the internet) and an error occurs activating the licence, an email will be sent to this address.


Activation end

6. Activation end
The licence must be reactivated at regular intervals. This happens automatically via the internet. This field shows the end of which month the activation key is valid until.


Licence expires

7. Licence expires
For subscription licences, this field shows when the licence will expire. Perpetual licences do not expire.


Support expires

8. Support expires
This field shows the date of expiry of the maintenance contract for this licence.


Get Activation Key

9. Get Activation Key
Click this button to get the activation key from our activation servers via the internet. We have two servers located in the USA and UK; the closest available server will be selected automatically.


Activation via web browser

10. Activation via web browser
If ERP-Scale is unable to retrieve the activation key automatically via the internet, you can use this option to use a web-browser to access our activation server and retrieve the activation key for your licence.


Paste activation key

11. Paste activation key
After using the “Activation via web browser” function, click this button to paste the activation data.



12. Save
Click this button to save the licence details.
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