Data Settings

Receiving Data Settings

Receiving Data Settings

Note: To ensure successful data communication, either a terminator character or number of characters must be specified. If possible, use a terminator character as this provides more reliable communication.



1. Terminator
Click this box if the data string received from the device contains a terminator character.


Terminator ASCII character

2. Terminator ASCII character
Select the ASCII code of the terminator.


Number of characters to read

3. Number of characters to read
If the data string does not contain a terminator, specify the number of characters to read.


Minimum number of reads

4. Minimum number of reads
If your device (serial or network) provides a continuous data stream (without request string), use at least 2 reads to ensure a complete data string is received.
For devices which provide the data on-demand (with request string), a single read must be used.


Maximum number of reads

5. Maximum number of reads
Enter the maximum number of reads. If no data is received within this number of reads, the request cycle will be aborted.


Return data

6. Return data
Normally, the data is required in a single data string. However, if multiple data strings are required and no specific end-of-message terminator is provided, the data from multiple reads may be required. See below for examples.



7. Timeout
Enter the timeout in milliseconds.
This timeout is used when attempting to read each character from the device. See also <TO_DO>


Remove control characters

8. Remove control characters
Tick this box if all control characters (ASCII code less than 32 or greater than 128) should be removed.
Do not tick this box if the data string uses control characters as data separators.


Ignore ASCII null

9. Ignore ASCII null
Tick this box if any ASCII null (0) characters received should be ignored.


Flush port before reading

10. Flush port before reading
Tick this box if the receive-buffer should be flushed before reading data.


Ignore blank input

11. Ignore blank input
Tick this box if blank data should not be accepted by ERP-Scale PSE as a valid response.
Example settings:
Data string from device
Suggested settings
Terminator = ETX
Terminator = LF
Remove control = Yes
Terminator = LF
Terminator = CR
Minimum number of reads = 3
Return all data = Yes
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