Requesting Settings

Requesting Settings


Request text

1. Request text
Enter the string of data required to request the weight to be transmitted from the device. Control characters can be entered in ASCII format surrounded by parentheses.
e.g. S{CR}{LF} or {STX}W{ETX}


Add a terminator

2. Add a terminator
Tick this box if ERP-Scale PSE should add the terminator selected in the next control to the request string.


Terminator character

3. Terminator character
Select the terminator character from the ASCII list.


Minimum number of requests

4. Minimum number of requests
For most devices, a single request cycle should be sufficient. However, if more requests are required before receiving a valid weight, enter the number here.


Maximum number of requests

5. Maximum number of requests
If no valid data is received within this number of requests, the process will be aborted.
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