3.4.1.SAP RFC Settings

SAP RFC Settings

SAP RFC Settings

See here for tips on connection failures.



1. Active
Tick this box if you want ERP-Scale to connect to the RFC destination.


Gateway host

2. Gateway host
The hostname or IP address of the SAP host.
If an SAP router string is required, enter this before the hostname. i.e. /H/


Host type

3. Host type
ERP-Scale supports RFC connections for both ERP (ECC) and SCWM. Host type ERP supports the RFC’s for ERP packing station,  SAP ODA and QM-IDI. Host type SCWM supports the RFC’s for SCWM.


Gateway service

4. Gateway service
This is the gateway service name for the RFC connection. Check with your Basis team.


Program ID

5. Program ID
This is the program ID entered in the RFC destination



6. Count
ERP-Scale can handle multiple parallel requests from the same RFC destination. For a typical packing station where one user is weighing, we suggest 2 connections. More connections will be required if ERP-Scale is installed on a server when handling requests from many users simultaneously.


SNC settings

7. SNC settings
ERP-Scale supports SNC connections. Click this button to define the SNC settings.


Load settings from the SAP-Scale Service

8.  Load settings from the SAP-Scale Service
Use this button to reload the RFC settings from the SAP-Scale Service. Warning: Any changes will be overwritten.


Save settings to the SAP-Scale Service

9.  Save settings to the SAP-Scale Service
Update the SAP-Scale Service with all changes.


Delete RFC destination

10.  Delete RFC destination
Delete the RFC destination from the SAP-Scale Service.
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