3.3.5.HTTP Proxy Settings

HTTP Proxy Settings

HTTP Proxy Settings

ERP-Scale uses a HTTPS connection to the Pocket Programs licence server for licence activation. Use this tab to define if a proxy is required for internet connection.


Proxy type

1. Proxy type
Select one of the following proxy types:
  • Auto – Determine automatically
  • Windows internet options – Use operating system proxy.
  • Manual – Define the proxy in ERP-Scale


Proxy address

2. Proxy address
Enter the hostname or IP address of the proxy server.


Proxy port

3. Proxy port
Enter the TCP port the proxy server is listening on.


Proxy user name

4. Proxy user name
Enter the user name for proxy authentication.


Proxy user password

5. Proxy user password
Enter the user password for proxy authentication.


Test connection button

6. Test connection button
Click this to test the connection to the Pocket Programs licence server.


Connection test result

7. Connection test result
Result of the connection test.


Display connection log

8. Display connection log
Click this button to display the connection log.
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