3.3.4.Log File Settings

Log File Settings

Log File Settings

Note: Select the types of messages to be written to the log file on the Event Logging tab.


Log to File

1. Log to File
Tick this box to enable logging to file.


Logging file folder location

2. Logging file folder location
Select the destination folder for the log files.


Automatically send crash reports

3. Automatically send crash reports
When a crash occurs in ERP-Scale, information about the error is captured. If this option is selected, this information will automatically be sent to Pocket Programs via the internet. This information is sent in an encrypted password protected ZIP file via a secure connection.
If this option is not selected, the error information will be saved in the logging file folder location.


Date last crash report was generated

4. Date last crash report was generated
ERP-Scale will only create a detailled crash report once per day. Click ‘Reset’ to clear the date and generate a detailed report the next time a crash occurs. Click to save this to the SAP-Scale Service.
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