3.1.ERP-Scale Configuration - Favourites Window

ERP-Scale Configuration – Favourites Window

ERP-Scale Configuration - Favourites Window


Add a new SAP-Scale Service

1.  Add a new SAP-Scale Service
Click to add a new SAP-Scale Service manually.


Configure SAP-Scale Service

2.  Configure SAP-Scale Service
Click to open the ERP-Scale configuration utility for the SAP-Scale Service.


Delete SAP-Scale Service

3.  Delete SAP-Scale Service
Deletes the SAP-Scale Service from this list. Does not uninstall ERP-Scale or delete the ERP-Scale settings.


Search for SAP-Scale Services

4.  Search for SAP-Scale Services
Displays a list of SAP-Scale Services on your network. Uses Zeroconf for service advertising.
  • Click to add the SAP-Scale Service to the Service list.
  • Click to connect to the SAP-Scale Service without adding it to the Service list.


Show list

5. Show list
Remove the tick from this box if you do not wish to display this list in the future. Also see the menu option Service>Show SAP-Scale Service favourites list at program start in the ERP-Scale configuration utility.


Reset list

6. Reset list
Remove all SAP-Scale Services from the list and add the default entry for the local PC.
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