2.3.1.Define Scales in EWM

Define Scales in EWM

Define Scales in EWM

The scale is created using transaction /SCWM/SCALE or SAP Menu Extended Warehouse Management>Master Data>Work Center>Define Scales.


New Entries button

1. New Entries button
Click to create a new scale.


Copy As… button

2. Copy As... button
Click to copy an existing scale.


Scale name

3. Scale name
Enter a name for this scale. It is advised to only use alphanumeric characters.


Scale description

4. Scale description
Enter the description for the scale.


RFC destination

5. RFC destination
Select the RFC destination for this scale. Important: Every PC where ERP-Scale is installed requires a unique RFC destination. However, one installation of ERP-Scale can have multiple scales connected. In this case, a single RFC destination is required. See RFC Destination details
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