Legal control of truck weights / Alibi storage

National laws in many countries require that organizations have a verifiable record of weights. Scales with Alibi storage can be used to meet the requirements for a legal-for-trade data registry. The alibi memory stores weight data for a predefined amount of time—typically 3 months. Data cannot be tampered with unless an electronic seal is broken. If this happens, it provides an audit trail, detailing all changes to system settings. Alibi storage allows weights and measures officers or auditors to verify whether the data produced by your data capture equipment matches the information on customer invoices or shipping documents.

Using ERP-Scale, the weight and the Alibi record id can be passed back to SAP and stored against the SAP transaction. If there is a future requirement to verify the weight, the record id can be recovered from SAP and the weight record verified against the scales Alibi memory.

Our customers are using scales from Mettler Toledo and Bilancai with Alibi storage and ERP-Scale to provide a cost effective solution to manage legal-for-trade weights.

See also: Data storage for weighing instruments harmonized in Europe by PTB, Germany

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Note: Pocket Programs does not advise that the solution described meets any legislative requirements. It is the customer’s responsibility to verify if any solution implemented meets all requirements of the jurisdictions under which it operates.