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What is licence activation and why did it fail?

Licence activation is the automatic process which occurs every three months. It allows us to monitor that the licences are being used ‘legally’, but also gives you the freedom to quickly reassign a licence due to hardware failure. It is different from the expiry period. Automatic reactivation typically fails because an installation of ERP-Scale within […]


Activation via web browser

If the PC on which ERP-Scale is installed does not have an Internet connection, automatic activation of the licence will fail. In this case the ERP-Scale licence can be activated using a web browser. In the ERP-Scale configuration utility open the licencing page: At the bottom of the screen are two links for activating via […]


How do I enter the licence number?

The licence number is entered on the device properties. Start the ERP-Scale configuration utility and open the properties page for the SAP-Scale server. Then select the device to be licensed, and click “Licence”: On the Licence page, enter the licence number and the password*: *Note: The licence password is selected when purchasing licences. Once the licence number […]


What are licence alerts?

Pocket Programs has introduced licence alerts to proactively warn our customers when the activation of their licences is about to expire. The alerts are sent via email about 7 days before the end of the month in which the activation key for the licences is due to expire. These alerts are provided free of charge […]


Which URL does ERP-Scale V4.0.2+ access when activating the licence?

Note: This applies to ERP-Scale V4.0.2 and later. Pocket Programs provides two licence activation servers, one in Europe and one in the USA. When activating (or re-activating) the licence, ERP-Scale will try to use the following URLs: You can use the Test connection function in the ERP-Scale configuration utility to verify if the […]


What is the licence password ?

The licence password is used to ensure that only the owner of the licence can activate the licence. When purchasing licences you must select a licence password. This must be entered into ERP-Scale when activating the licence for a device: