Why can I not connect to ‘localhost’ when using vista or IPv6 ?

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By default under windows Vista, localhost is defined as IPv6 address ::1 and IPv6 takes priority over IPv4. 

To resolve the issue change any references to ‘localhost’ to either ip-address ‘’, or the hostname of the local machine. You may need to make this change in the ERP-Scale configuration utility and the monitor utility.

Alternatively (if running release 3.0.3 or later), delete the entry for ‘localhost’ from the list of Sap-Scale servers and restart the utility, ERP-Scale will then create a corrected entry automatically.

You may prefer to modify your hosts file as follows:

Hosts file is C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc
At the bottom of the file are two entries:       localhost
::1             localhost
If you remove the second entry, localhost will resolve to address, (you can also commenting it out with a #).


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